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Eight Reasons To Establish Your Own Website

  • A website is an administrative tool like business cards.

  • A website is a efficient marketing tool.

  • A website is an important show window.

  • A website helps to proof you are a successful and reliable business.

  • Customers like detailed information.

  • A website saves you time by informing customers about your business.

  • Customers will inform themselves, you don't have to answer time-consuming questions.

  • If you sell products you can offer your entire line in your website and reach the whole world.

  • A website can keep customers coming back by offering updated e-information related to your business

  • A website is your link to other businesses and brings opportunities.

How Do I Get My Own Website?

We start always with an initial meeting if possible. This meeting and the consultation is always free, even in case we don't get the order at the end.
We give you all information you need about the process and we have to learn about your business and environment. Most of all we need to understand the reason why you want a website, what are your goals and advertisement strategies. At the end of this meeting we sign a contract and collect the payment.

At this point we have to address some general information to our customers:

Ordering a website is not like ordering an item like a book or ordering a service like a home renovation. After placing the order your job is not done, it only begins. Even after a home renovation you have eventually to clean up and move back the furniture, but this is still no comparison to what's waiting for you to get a website.

We know your are busy but we cannot do anything without you.

All information on the web pages, all content like text and pictures has to come from you. Of course, we will help, we have lots of recourses and advise; but think about, only you know best about your business, company, products and services. We need lots of material in any kind (brochures, flyers, lists, files, articles, hardcopy or digital pictures, etc.).
The other big preparation, which has to come from you, is the structure of the whole website, in other words the menu links and what content goes to which page. Again we have lots of advise but you have to approve the results.
Another important point is communication. You should always be online, you will get emails anytime and we can get immediate answers to our questions, and questions will come for sure. We will give you constant update about the development process and you can look at the website anytime.

To prepare a sufficient website design we start by performing a research of competition websites.
After that the following three steps have to be accomplished:

  • Selection and registration of your own domain name (URL), which acts as your website address.
  • Development of your website in HTML/CSS/JavaScript/CGI code until you approve the layout.

    Here are same basic rules we always follow:

    + Consistancy of design style during the whole website
    + At least 1,000px wide layout to save screen space
    + Clear fonts on light background for good legibility
    + Sharp vibrant and focused pictures for attraction (We improve your provided pictures.)
    + LESS IS MORE - no crowded pages, no moving parts, less colors
    + Guarantee for fast loading of web pages

  • Publishing of your website in the World Wide Web with a host of your choice. We offer domain registration and hosting with a reliable company.

After a website is published (uploaded and running) it can be promoted, which means the URL has to be submitted to search engines. This is a total independent job and can also be done anytime later.
In general we recommend this only if you want to reach a "worldwide" audience. If you have a "brick-and-mortar-store" and local clients you could promote your site in a conventional way: Every publication related to your business like business cards, advertisements and even your store pricelist or door window should carry your web address. And don't underestimate the mouth-to-mouth advertisement.

Cost Example:

  • Consulting is always free.
  • Registration fee of domain name: about $ 30 per year.
  • Website development by AJNS: The cost for designing depends on volume of the website and requested features. Most of our websites were developed in a price range from $2,000 to $6,000.
    If you want later changes or additions to your website you can see our reasonable price list.
  • Publishing/Hosting of website: about $ 360 per year

Summery of cost advantages:

  • No further cost to other parties except domain registration and hosting fees
  • Free basic submission to search engines
  • Free technical support and basic maintenance of your web site
  • Free web site statistics about visitors and traffic

How Do I Maintain My Website?

To update or extend a website the HTML code has to be changed and the files have to be uploaded again to the host server.

After publishing your website for the first time you will get all necessary information from AJ Network Solutions like usernames and passwords for all accounts.
Either you can later update your site by yourself or give us an order to make the changes. This may cost you as little as $ 100 per project. We have a price list for changes.
If you have to change the website content on a regular base we offer you a service/maintenance subscription for a reasonable annual fee.

"The Wedding Party Picture Show"

A while ago one of my friends got married. After the wedding he complained to me that he has to send all the official wedding pictures and party snapshots to every single address of his family and friends. Of course they were all digital except the photographer studio pictures. But still a pain in the neck to attach them to an email and send them out.
I told him immediatly why not display them on a webpage and just distribute the URL to everybody?
And then it striked me: Why not offer such service too?

So we built some great → templates especially for the wedding occasion.

We calculated the time for processing different quantities of photos and came up with a very reasonable → price list.

See the result here about our Wedding and Other Events Photo Service!