Dear Customers!

Making a website today is something anybody can do.
For example I have a thirteen-year old who writes some HTML code to display his name and pictures and with a little help something more to impress his girlfriend. So what's the problem?
The problem is that you can find a zillion of web pages or so-called home pages which look impressive like the play ground of a toddler. In other words there is no style, no harmony, no functionality, just no sense. We call this cookie cutter style.
On the other hand you can find websites which may take the word "website" as an insult. They are really pieces of art, a real creative designer style. You can only guess how much time and creativity was necessary to finish them. In case it was an order project only millionaires could have afforded it.
These are the two ends of the range.
Professionals in website designing and development serve mostly businesses. They have to find the "middle way" and we have to find a solution where cost, time and results meet.
Professional created websites have to look aesthetical to attract visitors or customers and all their features have to work and most important they have to be affordable.

We as AJ Network Solutions offer always a clean, harmonic and tasteful layout combined with only the necessary Internet functionality for any particular business, which results in a good cost-effective contract.

I personally take care to ensure these priorities are always met for our clients benefit.

Cordially Yours

Uli Mrose

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